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      N-ono; I dont think so. What happened? Ah! yes; he slipped. It was my fault; you told me not to. One momenteverything is spinning round.

      "But I am angry. I have a right to be angry. I'll go to Falmouth to-morrow, and have it out with her."

      At a little distance from the cabin was a huge ilex tree, in the broad, low shade of which Dick had once been moved to set up a rude bench. Thither Diva betook herself to wait for Carice. There was a pleasant enough prospect before her, beyond the gulf of sand,the creek on its sunshiny way to the sea, the pines and water oaks mingling their moss-hung boughs and diverse verdure,but it is doubtful if she was aware of it. Her eyeswhether bent on the ground at her feet, or lifted to some far point of the blue horizonspoke plainly of a mind too busy with its own reflections to be anywise cognizant of outward objects. She was reviewing the main events of her life by the new light recently shed on them, discovering a connection, a harmony, and a meaning in them unsuspected before, and gaining thereby a deeper sense of the might and wisdom of that overruling Providence in whom she had come so lately to believe."Oh, Isola; how could you stop out so late, and on such a stormy evening?" remonstrated Allegra.

      "You are wise beyond your years, Mrs. Disney. Avoid the sister, by all means. She would bore you to deatha scampering, exuberant girl, who would develop hysteria[Pg 15] after one month of Cornish dulness. Besides, I am sure you have resources of your own, and that you would rather endure solitude than uncongenial company."The duke was delighted with Esmeraldas driving.


      He looked at her horror-stricken, their two faces close to each other as he bent over her pillow.


      CHAPTER XVIII.Amidst this crew of good-natured desperadoes Esmeralda grew up. If she had been a princess instead of a waif and stray of a diggers camp, she could not have been more tenderly cared for than she was by Mother Melinda, who lavished upon the child the maternal affection which had been pent up for years; and, as for the diggers, they simply worshiped the child, their pride and delight in her knowing no bounds. It was true that Varley Howard had won her, and was by right of acquisition her adoptive father: but the whole camp also adopted her, and evinced their pride in her by votive offerings of the most extravagant kind.


      It is a shame to trouble you with business, Trafford, directly you arrive; but I sometimes think that Helby is scarcelyscarcely as energetic as he used to be. Ive an ideait may be erroneousthat the stables, for instance, are not as well kept up as they should be. As you know, we have always made a point ofof filling the stalls. You are fond of horses, I know, Trafford, and I should be deeply grieved if you were to find it necessary to complain of a scarcity, or the quality, of the horses. Will you please go over the stables to-morrow, and look into the matter?What is it? said Esmeralda in her outspoken fashion.


      "That is your Indian experience!" exclaimed Allegra, scornfully. "I have heard that India is a sink of iniquity."